I love Dr. Sura and all her staff! She knows what she is doing and she has a lot of knowledge. She always has been very nice and polite with me and all the staff are very friendly and confident. I definitely recommend Dr. Sura.
— Alejandra S.
I love Dr. Sura! I am having my third baby. She is not going to pamper you! Do not expect this! She is real! I appreciate her honesty and professionalism about pregnancy. I have heard she is a celebrity in her own right at Pomona Valley Hospital for delivering babies. Thank you Dr. Sura for being there during a exciting, yet intimidating time of a woman’s life. Even though I’ve had 2 babies, each time seems like a completely different experience.
— Tonya W.
Dr. Sura has been my OB since my last pregnancy with my twins. She is very knowledgable and cares for her patients. Dr. Sura generally delivers all of her own patients unless she has a scheduled vacation, in which she will tell you ahead of time. Love her!
— Lauren F
Dr. Sura has delivered all but one of my 6 children. Beginning with the first in 1988 and the final one in 2001. She was always thoughtful and kind. She made me comfortable and she cared for me. If nothing else, just know this woman knows how to deliver babies! She is amazing.
— Sharon S
I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Sura & her office staff. She is direct & always answered every question I had with accuracy & professionalism. She is knowledgeable, but low key, efficient & not overly chatty. Don’t confuse that for her “not caring,” as was mentioned in some of the reviews. She’s a great lady. I ended up having a c-section & everything was handled beautifully. Long story short I chose Dr. Sura when I found out I was pregnant because I was told she was very popular with staff at Pomona Valley as a care provider & I certainly found this to be true. Over the course of my care I encountered multiple doctors & nurses who had nothing but rave opinions of her. I also met several PVH nurses in her office as patients for their own pregnancies. I will be keeping her as my OB & certainly will see her for baby #2.
— Leah R
Dr. Sura is amazing! I love coming to see her. I get along with her great and my mom also loves her. Dr. Sura is making my first pregnancy beyond comfortable and she is very accommodating. Overall, I would recommend everyone to Dr. Sura because she is well experienced, knowledgable and honest! Dr. Sura can come off serious at first but she’s really a sweetheart just open up and get to know her! She’s great.

Also, she truly does care which I love because I feel like it’s hard to find someone who actually cares. Dr. Sura always makes sure myself and the baby are healthy (:
— Stephanie C
I’ve been going to Dr. Sura for over 20 years. She delivered my only child 10 years ago. Dr. Sura and her staff always treat me like family and ask how my husband and daughter are doing. Yes, it gets busy. Yes, sometimes you have to wait. But I would be more concerned about going to a Dr’s office with no patients rather than one who is always busy. Dr. Sura is very straightforward yet compassionate when issues arise. I highly recommend Dr. Sura.
— Margo H
I give five stars because I love the girls that work here & Dr. Sura. Yes, it can get busy but that’s at any doctor’s office. Dr. Sura is very straightforward on what needs to be done and does not sugar coat it. That’s fine with me. I want to have a healthy pregnancy and do things right. Wendy is awesome, she is always in good spirits very friendly, that’s a big deal for me. You always want to feel welcomed when you enter somewhere. Especially your doctor’s office. I am currently 8 months pregnant & can’t wait for Dr. Sura to deliver my baby boy! Thank you Dr. Sura and office!
— Amanda M
Love Dr. Sura. She delivered two of my three children. Excellent bedside manner and answers all of your questions. The office is clean and the entire staff is polite and respectful. I drive 30 min just for this doctor and recommend her to family and friends.
— Raylene R